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Hardware guide

Core hardware

Drivers for these stations are included in the core WeeWX distribution. Each station type provides a different set of observations, at different sampling rates. These are enumerated in a Station data table in the page for each station.

AcuRite TE923 WMR100 WS1
CC3000 Ultimeter WMR300 WS23xx
FineOffset Vantage WMR9x8 WS28xx

Driver status

The following table enumerates many of the weather stations that are known to work with WeeWX. If your station is not in the table, check the pictures at the supported hardware page — it could be a variation of one of the supported models. You can also check the station comparison table — sometimes new models use the same communication protocols as older hardware.

The maturity column indicates the degree of confidence in the driver. For stations marked Tested, the station is routinely tested as part of the release process and should work as documented. For stations not marked at all, they are "known to work" using the indicated driver, but are not routinely tested. For stations marked Experimental, we are still working on the driver. There can be problems.

Weather hardware supported by WeeWX
Vendor Model Hardware
Driver Maturity
AcuRite 01025 USB pyusb AcuRite12
01035 USB pyusb AcuRite12 Tested
01036 USB pyusb AcuRite12
01525 USB pyusb AcuRite12
02032 USB pyusb AcuRite12
02064 USB pyusb AcuRite12
06037 USB pyusb AcuRite12
06039 USB pyusb AcuRite12
Argent Data Systems WS1 Serial pyusb WS19
Aercus WS2083 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WS3083 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Ambient Weather WS1090 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5 Tested
WS2080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5 Tested
WS2080A USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5 Tested
WS2090 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WS2095 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Cresta WRX815 USB pyusb TE9238
PWS720 USB pyusb TE9238
DAZA DZ-WH1080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
DZ-WS3101 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
DZ-WS3104 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Davis VantagePro2 Serial or USB pyserial Vantage1 Tested
VantagePro2 WeatherLink IP   Vantage1 Tested
VantageVue Serial or USB pyserial Vantage1 Tested
Elecsa 6975 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
6976 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Excelvan Excelvan USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Fine Offset WH1080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH1081 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH1091 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH1090 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WS1080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WA2080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WA2081 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH2080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH2081 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH3080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH3081 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Froggit WS8700 USB pyusb TE9238
WH1080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WH3080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
General Tools WS831DL USB pyusb TE9238
Hideki DV928 USB pyusb TE9238
TE821 USB pyusb TE9238
TE827 USB pyusb TE9238
TE831 USB pyusb TE9238
TE838 USB pyusb TE9238
TE923 USB pyusb TE9238
Huger WM918 Serial pyserial WMR9x84
IROX Pro X USB pyusb TE9238
La Crosse C86234 USB pyusb WS28xx7 Tested
WS-1640 USB pyusb TE9238
WS-23XX Serial fcntl/select WS23xx6 Tested
WS-28XX USB pyusb WS28xx7
Maplin N96GY USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
N96FY USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Meade TE923W USB pyusb TE9238 Tested
TE923W-M USB pyusb TE9238
TE924W USB pyusb TE9238
Mebus TE923 USB pyusb TE9238
National Geographic 265 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Oregon Scientific WMR88 USB pyusb WMR1002
WMR88A USB pyusb WMR1002
WMR100 USB pyusb WMR1002
WMR100N USB pyusb WMR1002 Tested
WMR180 USB pyusb WMR1002
WMR180A USB pyusb WMR1002
WMRS200 USB pyusb WMR1002
WMR300 USB pyusb WMR3003 Experimental
WMR300A USB pyusb WMR3003 Experimental
WMR918 Serial pyserial WMR9x84
WMR928N Serial pyserial WMR9x84 Tested
WMR968 Serial pyserial WMR9x84 Tested
PeetBros Ultimeter 100 Serial pyserial Ultimeter10
Ultimeter 800 Serial pyserial Ultimeter10
Ultimeter 2000 Serial pyserial Ultimeter10
Ultimeter 2100 Serial pyserial Ultimeter10
RainWise Mark III Serial pyserial CC300011
CC3000 Serial pyserial CC300011 Tested
Radio Shack 63-256 USB pyusb WMR1002
63-1016 Serial pyserial WMR9x84
Sinometer WS1080 / WS1081 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WS3100 / WS3101 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
TechnoLine WS-2300 Serial fcntl/select WS23xx6
WS-2350 Serial fcntl/select WS23xx6
TFA Matrix Serial fcntl/select WS23xx6
Nexus USB pyusb TE9238
Opus USB pyusb WS28xx7
Primus USB pyusb WS28xx7
Sinus USB pyusb TE9238
Tycon TP1080WC USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Watson W-8681 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
WX-2008 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Velleman WS3080 USB pyusb FineOffsetUSB5
Ventus W831 USB pyusb TE9238
W928 USB pyusb TE9238
  1. Davis "Vantage" series of weather stations, including the VantagePro2™ and VantageVue™, using serial, USB, or WeatherLinkIP™ connections. Both the "Rev A" (firmware dated before 22 April 2002) and "Rev B" versions are supported.
  2. Oregon Scientific WMR-100 stations. Tested on the Oregon Scientific WMR100N.
  3. Oregon Scientific WMR-300 stations. Tested on the Oregon Scientific WMR300A.
  4. Oregon Scientific WMR-9x8 stations. Tested on the Oregon Scientific WMR968.
  5. Fine Offset 10xx, 20xx, and 30xx stations. Tested on the Ambient Weather WS2080.
  6. La Crosse WS-23xx stations. Tested on the La Crosse 2317.
  7. La Crosse WS-28xx stations. Tested on the La Crosse C86234.
  8. Hideki Professional Weather Stations. Tested on the Meade TE923.
  9. ADS WS1 Stations. Tested on the WS1.
  10. PeetBros Ultimeter Stations. Tested on the Ultimeter 2000.
  11. RainWise Mark III Stations. Tested on the CC3000 (firmware "Rainwise CC-3000 Version: 1.3 Build 022 Dec 02 2016").
  12. AcuRite Weather Stations. Tested on the 01036RX.