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Some station models will recognize up to 5 remote temperature/humidity sensor units. Use the hardware switch in each sensor unit to identify sensors. Use the sensor_map in weewx.conf to associate each sensor with a database field.

The station has either 208 or 3442 history records, depending on the model. With an archive interval set to 5 minutes, that is just over a day (208 records) or about 23 days (3442 records).

The TE923 driver will read history records from the station when WeeWX starts up, but it does not support hardware record generation.

Configuring with weectl device

The TE923 can be configured with the utility weectl device.


Make sure you stop weewxd before running weectl device.


Invoking weectl device with the --help option

weectl device /home/weewx/weewx.conf --help

will produce something like this:

Using configuration file /home/weewx/weewx.conf
Using TE923 driver version 0.21 (weewx.drivers.te923)
Usage: weectl device [config_file] [options] [--debug] [--help]

Configuration utility for weewx devices.

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--debug               display diagnostic information while running
-y                    answer yes to every prompt
--info                display weather station configuration
--current             get the current weather conditions
--history=N           display N history records
--history-since=N     display history records since N minutes ago
--minmax              display historical min/max data
--get-date            display station date
set station date
--sync-date           set station date using system clock
--get-location-local  display local location and timezone
set local location and timezone
--get-location-alt    display alternate location and timezone
set alternate location and timezone
--get-altitude        display altitude
--set-altitude=ALT    set altitude (meters)
--get-alarms          display alarms
set alarm state
--get-interval        display archive interval
set archive interval (minutes)
--format=FORMAT       formats include: table, dict

Be sure to stop weewx first before using. Mutating actions will request
confirmation before proceeding.


Use --info to display the station configuration:

weectl device --info

This will result in something like:

Querying the station for the configuration...
altitude: 16
bat_1: True
bat_2: True
bat_3: True
bat_4: True
bat_5: True
bat_rain: True
bat_uv: False
bat_wind: True
latitude: 43.35
longitude: -72.0
version_bar: 23
version_rcc: 16
version_sys: 41
version_uv: 20
version_wind: 38


Use --current to display the current status of each sensor:

weectl device --current

This will result in something like:

Querying the station for current weather data...
dateTime: 1454615168
forecast: 5
h_1: 41
h_1_state: ok
h_2: 48
h_2_state: ok
h_3: None
h_3_state: no_link
h_4: None
h_4_state: no_link
h_5: None
h_5_state: no_link
h_in: 44
h_in_state: ok
rain: 2723
rain_state: ok
slp: 1012.4375
slp_state: ok
storm: 0
t_1: 13.9
t_1_state: ok
t_2: 21.5
t_2_state: ok
t_3: None
t_3_state: no_link
t_4: None
t_4_state: no_link
t_5: None
t_5_state: no_link
t_in: 22.85
t_in_state: ok
uv: None
uv_state: no_link
windchill: None
windchill_state: invalid
winddir: 12
winddir_state: invalid
windgust: None
windgust_state: invalid
windspeed: None
windspeed_state: invalid


TE923 stations ship from the factory with an archive interval of 1 hour (3600 seconds). To change the station's interval to 5 minutes (300 seconds), do the following:

weectl device --set-interval=300


Use the --history action to display records from the logger in tabular or dictionary format.

For example, to display the most recent 30 records in dictionary format:

weectl device --history=30 --format=dict


Use --clear-memory to erase all records from the logger memory.

Station data

The following table shows which data are provided by the station hardware and which are calculated by WeeWX.

TE923 station data
Database Field Observation Loop Archive
barometer barometer H H
pressure S S
altimeter S S
inTemp t_in H H
inHumidity h_in H H
outTemp t_1 H H
outHumidity h_1 H H
outTempBatteryStatus bat_1 H
outLinkStatus link_1 H
windSpeed windspeed H H
windDir winddir H H
windGust windgust H H
windBatteryStatus bat_wind H
windLinkStatus link_wind H
rain rain D D
rain_total H H
rainBatteryStatus bat_rain H
rainLinkStatus link_rain H
rainRate S S
dewpoint S S
windchill windchill H H
heatindex S S
UV1 uv H H
uvBatteryStatus bat_uv H
uvLinkStatus link_uv H
extraTemp1 t_2 H H
extraHumid1 h_2 H H
extraBatteryStatus1 bat_2 H
extraLinkStatus1 link_2 H
extraTemp2 t_3 H H
extraHumid2 h_3 H H
extraBatteryStatus2 bat_3 H
extraLinkStatus2 link_3 H
extraTemp3 t_4 H H
extraHumid3 h_4 H H
extraBatteryStatus3 bat_4 H
extraLinkStatus3 link_4 H
extraTemp4 t_5 H H
extraHumid4 h_5 H H
extraBatteryStatus4 bat_5 H
extraLinkStatus4 link_5 H

Some stations support up to 5 remote temperature/humidity sensors.

1 The UV data are available only with the optional solar radiation sensor.

H indicates data provided by Hardware
D indicates data calculated by the Driver
S indicates data calculated by the StdWXCalculate Service