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A "data binding" associates storage characteristics with a specific database. Each binding contains a database from the [Databases] section plus parameters such as schema, table name, and mechanism for aggregating data.


This is the binding normally used for weather data. A typical [[wx_binding]] section looks something like this:

    database = archive_sqlite
    table_name = archive
    manager = weewx.manager.DaySummaryManager
    schema = schemas.wview_extended.schema

What follows is more detailed information about each of the binding options.


The actual database to be used — it should match one of the sections in [Databases]. Should you decide to use a MySQL database, instead of the default SQLite database, this is the place to change it. See the section Configuring MySQL/MariaDB for details.



Internally, the archive data is stored in one, long, flat table. This is the name of that table. Normally this does not need to be changed.

Optional. Default is archive.


The name of the class to be used to manage the table.

Optional. Default is class weewx.manager.DaySummaryManager. This class stores daily summaries in the database. Normally, this does not need to be changed.


A Python structure holding the schema to be used to initialize the database. After initialization, it is not used.

Optional. Default is schemas.wview_extended.schema, which is a superset of the schema used by the wview weather system.