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The configuration file weewx.conf

Application options are specified in a configuration file, nominally called weewx.conf. This is a big text file, which holds the configuration information about your installation of WeeWX. This includes things such as:

  • The type of hardware you have.
  • The name of your station.
  • What kind of database to use and where is it located.
  • How to recognize out-of-range observations, etc.


The location of the configuration file will depend on your installation method. For example, if you installed using pip, then the nominal location is ~/weewx-data/weewx.conf. For other installation methods, the location depends on your operating system. See the section Where to find things.


There is another configuration file for presentation-specific options. This file is called skin.conf, and there is one for each skin. It is described in the reference guide Skin options.

The following sections are the definitive guide to the many configuration options available. There are many more options than you are likely to need — you can safely ignore most of them. The truly important ones, the ones you are likely to have to customize for your station, are highlighted.

Default values are provided for many options, meaning that if they are not listed in the configuration file at all, WeeWX will pick sensible values. When the documentation gives a "default value" this is what it means.

Option hierarchy

In general, options closer to the "root" of weewx.conf are overridden by options closer to the leaves. Here's an example:

log_success = false
    log_success = true
        log_success = false     # Wunderground will not be logged
        log_success = true      # WOW will be logged
                                # CWOP will be logged (inherits from [StdRESTful])

In this example, at the top level, log_success is set to false. So, unless set otherwise, successful operations will not be logged. However, for StdRESTful operations, it is set to true, so for these services, successful operations will be logged, unless set otherwise by an individual service. Looking at the individual services, successful operations for

  • Wunderground will not be logged (set explicitly)
  • WOW will be logged (set explicitly)
  • CWOP will be logged (inherits from StdRESTful)

Boolean values

The following will evaluate True: true, True, yes, Yes, 1.

The following will evaluate False: false, False, no, No, 0.