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Configuring MySQL / MariaDB

This section applies only to those who wish to use the MySQL database, instead of the default SQLite database. It assumes that you already have a working MySQL or MariaDB server.

1. Install the client libraries

The Python client library for MySQL/MariaDB must be installed. How to do this depends on your operating system and how you installed WeeWX.

sudo apt install mysql-client
sudo apt install python3-mysqldb
sudo yum install MySQL-python
sudo zypper install python3-mysqlclient

The base MySQL libraries are included as part of a normal pip install. However, you might want to install a standalone MySQL or MariaDB client to help with testing.

If you plan to use MySQL or MariaDB with sha256_password or caching_sha2_password authentication, you will also need to install the module cryptography. On some operating systems this can be a bit of a struggle, but the following usually works. The key step is to update pip before trying the install.

# Activate the WeeWX virtual environment
source ~/weewx-venv/bin/activate
# Make sure pip is up-to-date
python3 -m pip install pip --upgrade
# Install cryptography
python3 -m pip install cryptography

2. Change the WeeWX configuration to use MySQL

In the WeeWX configuration file, change the [[wx_binding]] section to point to the MySQL database, archive_mysql, instead of the SQLite database archive_sqlite.

After the change, it will look something like this (change Highlighted ):

        # The database should match one of the sections in [Databases]
        database = archive_mysql

        # The name of the table within the database
        table_name = archive

        # The class to manage the database
        manager = weewx.manager.DaySummaryManager

        # The schema defines to structure of the database contents
        schema = schemas.wview_extended.schema

3. Configure the MySQL host and credentials

Assuming that you want to use the default database configuration, the [[MySQL]] section should look something like this:

        driver = weedb.mysql
        host = localhost
        user = weewx
        password = weewx

This assumes user weewx has the password weewx. Adjust as necessary.

4. Configure permissions

Configure MySQL to give the necessary permissions for the database weewx to whatever MySQL user you choose. Here are the necessary minimum permissions, again assuming user weewx with password weewx. Adjust as necessary.

CREATE USER 'weewx'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'weewx';
GRANT select, update, create, delete, insert, alter, drop ON weewx.* TO weewx@localhost;