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If you are having problems, first look at the hardware, software, and meteorological problems pages. You might be experiencing a problem that someone else has already solved.

Hardware problems
Software problems
Meteorological problems

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Search the weewx-user group, especially if you are using a driver or skin that is not part of the WeeWX core.

If you still have problems, here are a few things to try on your system:

  1. Look at the log file. We are always happy to take questions, but the first thing someone will ask is, "What did you find in the log file?"

  2. Run weewxd directly, rather than as a daemon. Generally, WeeWX will catch and log any unrecoverable exceptions, but if you are getting strange results, it is worth running directly and looking for any clues.

  3. Set the option debug = 1 in weewx.conf. This will put much more information in the log file, which can be very useful for troubleshooting and debugging!

If you are still stuck, post your problem to the weewx-user group. The Wiki has some guidelines on how to do an effective post.