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weectl debug

Use the weectl subcommand debug to produce information about your environment.

Specify --help to see how it is used:

weectl debug --help

Create debug information

weectl debug 
    [--config=FILENAME] [--output=FILENAME]

Troubleshooting problems when running WeeWX often involves analysis of a number of pieces of seemingly disparate system and WeeWX related information. The weectl debug command gathers all this information together into a single output to make troubleshooting easier. The command is particularly useful for new users as the output may be redirected to a file then emailed or posted to a forum to assist in remote troubleshooting.

The utility produces two types of information:

  1. General information about your environment. This includes:

    • System information,
    • Load information,
    • Driver type,
    • Any installed extensions, and
    • Information about your databse
  2. An obfuscated copy of your configuration file (nominally, weewx.conf).


The weectl debug output includes a copy of the WeeWX config file (typically weewx.conf) and whilst the utility attempts to obfuscate any personal or sensitive information, the user should check the output carefully for any remaining personal or sensitive information before emailing or posting the output publicly.



The utility is pretty good about guessing where the configuration file is, but if you have an unusual installation or multiple stations, you may have to tell it explicitly. You can do this using the --config option. For example,

weectl debug --config=/etc/weewx/alt_config.conf


By default, weectl debug writes to standard output (the console). However, the output can be sent somewhere else using option --output. For example, to send it to /var/tmp/

weectl debug --output=/var/tmp/