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Dealing with import failures

Sometimes bad things happen during an import.

If errors were encountered, or if you suspect that the WeeWX database has been contaminated with incorrect data, here are some things you can try to fix things up.

  • Manually delete the contaminated data. Use SQL commands to manipulate the data in the WeeWX archive database. The simplicity of this process will depend on your ability to use SQL, the amount of data imported, and whether the imported data was dispersed amongst existing. Once contaminated data have been removed the daily summary tables will need to be rebuilt using the weectl database rebuild-daily utility.

  • Delete the database and start over. For SQLite, simply delete the database file. For MySQL, drop the database. Then try the import again.


    Deleting the database file or dropping the database will result in all data in the database being lost.

  • If the above steps are not appropriate the database should be restored from backup. You did make a backup before starting the import?