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weectl device

The weectl subcommand device is used to configure hardware settings, such as rain bucket size, station archive interval, altitude, EEPROM constants, etc., on your station. In order to do its job, it depends on optional code being present in the hardware driver. Because not all drivers have this code, it may not work for your specific device. If it does not, you will have to consult your manufacturer's instructions for how to set these things through your console or other means.

weectl device uses the option station_type in weewx.conf to determine what device you are using and what options to display. Make sure it is set correctly before attempting to use this utility.

Because weectl device uses hardware-specific code, its options are different for every station type. You should run it with --help to see how to use it for your specific station:

weectl device --help

The utility requires a WeeWX configuration file. If no file is specified, it will look for a file called weewx.conf in the standard location. If your configuration file is in a non-standard location, specify the path to the configuration file either as the first argument, or by using the --config option. For example,

weectl device /path/to/weewx.conf --help


weectl device --config=/path/to/weewx.conf --help

For details about the options available for each type of hardware, see the appropriate hardware section: