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A single WMR300 console supports 1 wind, 1 rain, 1 UV, and up to 8 temperature/humidity sensors.

The WMR300 sensors send at different rates:

WMR300 transmission periods
Wind2.5 to 3 seconds
T/H10 to 12 seconds
Rain20 to 24 seconds

The console contains the pressure sensor. The console reports pressure every 15 minutes.

The station emits partial packets, which may confuse some online services.

The rain counter has a limit of 400 inches (10160 mm). The counter does not wrap around; it must be reset when it hits the limit, otherwise additional rain data will not be recorded.

The logger stores about 50,000 records. When the logger fills up, it stops recording data.

When WeeWX starts up it will attempt to download all records from the console since the last record in the archive database. This can take as much as couple of hours, depending on the number of records in the logger and the speed of the computer and disk.

Configuring with weectl device

The WMR300 stations cannot be configured with the utility weectl device.

Station data

The following table shows which data are provided by the station hardware and which are calculated by WeeWX.

WMR300 station data
Database Field Observation Loop Archive
barometer barometer H H
pressure pressure H S
altimeter S S
inTemp temperature_0 H H
inHumidity humidity_0 H H
windSpeed wind_avg H H
windDir wind_dir H H
windGust wind_gust H H
windGustDir wind_gust_dir H H
rain rain D D
rain_total H H
rainRate rain_rate H H
outTemp temperature_1 H H
outHumidity humidity_1 H H
dewpoint dewpoint_1 H H
heatindex heatindex_1 H H
windchill windchill H H
extraTemp1 temperature_2 H H
extraHumid1 humidity_2 H H
extraDewpoint1 dewpoint_2 H H
extraHeatindex1 heatindex_2 H H
extraTemp2 temperature_3 H H
extraHumid2 humidity_3 H H
extraDewpoint2 dewpoint_3 H H
extraHeatindex2 heatindex_3 H H
extraTemp3 temperature_4 H H
extraHumid3 humidity_4 H H
extraDewpoint3 dewpoint_4 H H
extraHeatindex3 heatindex_4 H H
extraTemp4 temperature_5 H H
extraHumid4 humidity_5 H H
extraDewpoint4 dewpoint_5 H H
extraHeatindex4 heatindex_5 H H
extraTemp5 temperature_6 H H
extraHumid5 humidity_6 H H
extraDewpoint5 dewpoint_6 H H
extraHeatindex5 heatindex_6 H H
extraTemp6 temperature_7 H H
extraHumid6 humidity_7 H H
extraDewpoint6 dewpoint_7 H H
extraHeatindex6 heatindex_7 H H
extraTemp7 temperature_8 H H
extraHumid7 humidity_8 H H
extraDewpoint7 dewpoint_8 H H
extraHeatindex7 heatindex_8 H H

Each packet contains a subset of all possible readings.

H indicates data provided by Hardware
D indicates data calculated by the Driver
S indicates data calculated by the StdWXCalculate Service