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weectl report

Use the weectl subcommand report to run and list reports.

Specify --help to see the actions and options.

List reports

weectl report list

The list action will list all the reports in the configuration file, along with which skin they use, and other information. For example:

$ weectl report list
Using configuration file /Users/ted_user/weewx-data/weewx.conf

              Report  Skin         Enabled   Units   Language
       SeasonsReport  Seasons         Y        US       EN   
    SmartphoneReport  Smartphone      N        US       EN   
        MobileReport  Mobile          N        US       EN   
      StandardReport  Standard        N        US       EN   
                 FTP  Ftp             N        US       EN   
               RSYNC  Rsync           N        US       EN   

Run reports on demand

weectl report run [NAME ...]
    [--epoch=EPOCH_TIME | --date=YYYY-mm-dd --time=HH:MM]

In normal operation, WeeWX generates reports at each archive interval after new data has arrived. The action weectl report run is used to generate reports on demand. It uses the same configuration file that weewxd uses.

The names of the reports to be run can be given on the command line, separated by spaces. It does not matter whether the report has been enabled or not: it will be run. Note: names are case sensitive! Use weectl report list to determine the names.

For example, to run the reports MobileReport and SmartphoneReport:

weectl report run MobileReport SmartphoneReport

If no report names are given, then all enabled reports will be run:

# Run all enabled reports:    
weectl report run

By default, the reports are generated as of the last timestamp in the database, however, an explicit time can be given by using either option --epoch, or by using options --date and --time together.

For example, to specify an explicit unix epoch time, use option --epoch:

weectl report run --epoch=1652367600

This would generate a report for unix epoch time 1652367600 (12-May-2022 at 8AM PDT).

Alternatively, you can specify a date and time, by using options --date and --time:

weectl report run --date=2022-05-12 --time=08:00

This would generate a report for 12-May-2022 at 8AM (unix epoch time 1652367600).


These are options used by most of the actions.


Path to the configuration file. Default is ~/weewx-data/weewx.conf.

--date=YYYY-mm-dd and --time=HH:MM

Generate the reports so that they are current as of the given date and time. The date should be given in the form YYYY-mm-dd and the time should be given as HH:MM.


Generate the reports so that they are current as of the given unix epoch time.


Show the help message, then exit.