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The StdArchive service stores data into a database.


If your station hardware supports data logging then the archive interval will be downloaded from the station. Otherwise, you must specify it here in seconds, and it must be evenly divisible by 60. Optional. Default is 300.


How long to wait in seconds after the top of an archiving interval before fetching new data off the station. For example, if your archive interval is 5 minutes and archive_delay is set to 15, then the data will be fetched at 00:00:15, 00:05:15, 00:10:15, etc. This delay is to give the station a few seconds to archive the data internally, and in case your server has any other tasks to do at the top of the minute. Default is 15.


Set to whether records should be downloaded off the hardware (recommended), or generated in software. If set to hardware, then WeeWX tries to download archive records from your station. However, not all types of stations support this, in which case WeeWX falls back to software generation. A setting of hardware will work for most users. A notable exception is users who have cobbled together homebrew serial interfaces for the Vantage stations that do not include memory for a logger. These users should set this option to software, forcing software record generation. Default is hardware.


When performing hardware record generation, this option will attempt to augment the record with any additional observation types that it can extract out of the LOOP packets. Default is true.


Set to true to have LOOP data and archive data to be used for high / low statistics. Set to false to have only archive data used. If your sensor emits lots of spiky data, setting to false may help. Default is true.


If you set a value for log_success here, it will override the value set at the top-level and will apply only to archiving operations.


If you set a value for log_failure here, it will override the value set at the top-level and will apply only to archiving operations.


The data binding to be used to store the data. This should match one of the bindings in the [DataBindings] section. Optional. Default is wx_binding.