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This section is available to add any static tags you might want to use in your templates.

As an example, the skin.conf file for the Seasons skin includes three options:

Skin option Template tag
radar_img $Extras.radar_img
radar_url $Extras.radar_url
googleAnalyticsId $Extras.googleAnalyticsId

If you take a look at the template you will see examples of testing for these tags.


Set to an URL to show a local radar image for your region.


If the radar image is clicked, the browser will go to this URL. This is usually used to show a more detailed, close-up, radar picture.

For me in Oregon, setting the two options to:

    radar_img =
    radar_url =

results in a nice image of a radar centered on Portland, Oregon. When you click on it, it gives you a detailed, animated view. If you live in the USA, take a look at the NOAA radar website to find a nice one that will work for you. In other countries, you will have to consult your local weather service.


If you have a Google Analytics ID, you can set it here. The Google Analytics Javascript code will then be included, enabling analytics of your website usage. If commented out, the code will not be included.

Extending [Extras]

Other tags can be added in a similar manner, including subsections. For example, say you have added a video camera, and you would like to add a still image with a hyperlink to a page with the video. You want all of these options to be neatly contained in a subsection.

        still = video_capture.jpg
        hyperlink =

Then in your template you could refer to these as:

<a href="$">
    <img src="$" alt="Video capture"/>