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Class ValueHelper

Class ValueHelper contains all the information necessary to do the proper formatting of a value, including a unit label.

Instance attribute


Returns the ValueTuple instance held internally.

Instance methods


Formats the value as a string, including a unit label, and returns it.

ValueHelper.format(format_string=None, None_string=None, add_label=True, localize=True)

Format the value as a string, using various specified options, and return it. Unless otherwise specified, a label is included.

Its parameters:

  • format_string A string to be used for formatting. It must include one, and only one, format specifier.

  • None_string In the event of a value of Python None, this string will be substituted. If None, then a default string from skin.conf will be used.

  • add_label If truthy, then an appropriate unit label will be attached. Otherwise, no label is attached.

  • localize If truthy, then the results will be localized. For example, in some locales, a comma will be used as the decimal specifier.