Open source software for your weather station


In the world of open-source hobbyist software, WeeWX is pretty easy to install and configure. There are not many package dependencies, the configuration is simple, and it has an extensive User's Guide. There are thousands of people who have successfully done an install. However, there is no "point-and-click" interface, so you have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get in there.

You should have the following skills:

If you get stuck, there is a very active User's Group to help, but please first try to solve the problem yourself.


The wiki content is contributed by WeeWX users. It contains suggestions and experiences with different types of hardware, skins, extensions to WeeWX, and other useful tips and tricks summarized from the Forums.



There are two forums. weewx-user is for general issues such as installation, sharing skins and templates, reporting buggy behavior, suggestions for improvement. weewx-development is for discussions about developing drivers, extensions, or working on the core code.

User Group:


Development Issues: