WeeWX: Installation using setup.py

These are generic instructions for installing WeeWX using the Python utility setup.py.


Download the source archive weewx-X.Y.Z.tar.gz from weewx.com/downloads.

Install Prerequisites

Ensure that Python 2 is installed. Python 2.6 or 2.7 will work, but Python 3 will not.

python -V

If this does not work, then you may have to install Python 2. Instructions below.

Install the required python packages using the package management software for your system (e.g., apt-get, yum, yast) or the Python Package Management System (pip). Select the appropriate tab for specific instructions.

# debian, ubuntu, mint, raspbian

# for systems that do not have python 2 installed (for example, ubuntu 18.04 and later):
sudo apt-get install python

# for all systems, you may have to install the python imaging library. try this first:
sudo apt-get install python-pil
# if that doesn't work, try this:
sudo apt-get install python-imaging

# other required packages:
sudo apt-get install python-configobj
sudo apt-get install python-cheetah

# required if hardware is serial or USB:
sudo apt-get install python-serial
sudo apt-get install python-usb

# required if using MySQL:
sudo apt-get install mysql-client
sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb

# required if using FTP on Raspbian systems:
sudo apt-get install ftp

# optional for extended almanac information:
sudo apt-get install python-dev
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install pyephem

Install WeeWX

Expand the source archive:

tar xvfz weewx-X.Y.Z.tar.gz

Change directory:

cd weewx-X.Y.Z

To specify a location different from the standard /home/weewx, modify the parameter home in the setup.cfg file.

Then build and install:

./setup.py build
sudo ./setup.py install

The installer will prompt for a location, latitude/longitude, altitude, station type, and parameters specific to the station.


Run the main program directly:

cd /home/weewx
sudo ./bin/weewxd weewx.conf

Or as a daemon automatically when the computer starts:

cd /home/weewx
sudo cp util/init.d/weewx.debian /etc/init.d/weewx
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/weewx
sudo update-rc.d weewx defaults 98
sudo /etc/init.d/weewx start


Look in the system log for messages from WeeWX. For example, on Debian systems:

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog


After about 5 minutes, open the station web page in a web browser. You should see your station information and data. If your hardware supports hardware archiving, then how long you wait will depend on the archive interval set in your hardware.



To enable uploads such as Weather Underground or to customize reports, modify the configuration file /home/weewx/weewx.conf. See the User Guide and Customization Guide for details.

WeeWX must be restarted for configuration file changes to take effect.


To uninstall, simply delete the directory /home/weewx. This will delete WeeWX, configuration files, and data.

sudo rm -r /home/weewx
sudo rm /etc/init.d/weewx


The installation will place WeeWX in the /home/weewx directory with the following layout:

executable: /home/weewx/bin/weewxd
configuration file: /home/weewx/weewx.conf
skins and templates: /home/weewx/skins/
sqlite databases: /home/weewx/archive/
generated web pages and images: /home/weewx/public_html/
documentation: /home/weewx/docs/
examples: /home/weewx/examples/
utilities: /home/weewx/bin/