Open source software for your weather station


WeeWX comes with an extensive set of documentation. You should start with the User's Guide. Later, if you decide to customize your installation, check out the Customization Guide.


Quick start guides
Use the following for a basic install, which you can then customize. For detailed instructions, see the User's Guide.

Instructions for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Raspbian;
Instructions for Redhat, Centos, Fedora;
Instructions for SUSE, OpenSUSE;
Instructions for MacOS;
Instructions using setup.py. Best choice if you intend to modify WeeWX heavily.

User's Guide
Contains complete details about how to install, configure, and run WeeWX. Includes instructions for migrating from wview, integrating with a web server, uploading to various weather services, and troubleshooting. This is the definitive guide to using WeeWX.
Customization Guide
Describes how to modify reports through configuration options and templates. Explains how to create and customize skins. Also includes more advanced topics such as creating custom generators and services, adding new template tags, and creating drivers for new weather station hardware.
Hardware Guide
Includes capabilities and quirks of hardware that is directly supported by WeeWX. This guide describes how to configure each type of hardware using the wee_device utility. The driver compatibility table shows which drivers work with what hardware, and the capability level of each driver.
Utilities Guide
Reference for the various utilities that are included with WeeWX. This guide contains details about the options for each utility, as well of examples of how to use the utilities. The programs include an import utility, a database utility, a tool to configure weather station hardware, and a tool to upload missing data to Weather Underground.
Upgrade Guide
Instructions for upgrading from previous versions of WeeWX.
Notes for developers
Goals and strategies for those who would like to contribute code to WeeWX. Includes guidelines for units and unit systems, internationalization, coding style, exception handling, and other topics that should warm the heart of any developer.
Change log
List of the changes in each release.
Hardware comparison
Are you looking for a weather station? Would you like to build your own station? This table lists the sensors, configurations, and specifications for various types of weather-related hardware.